Sarah Myers


Sarah Myers is an inspiring artist from Buffalo, NY. Sarah’s vision and sense of beauty within, is seen vividly through her canvas. While growing up aware of her fine art talents, she explains how she uses her gift. Sarah leaves it up to passion… her willingness to create is what allows her to constantly develop and evolve. She explains over the years how she has been able to utilize her talents. Team Radio’s very own Chae Hawk, got to sit down with Sarah and ask her a couple questions. Photos taken by Patrick Brady. The full interview will be posted soon in it’s entirety. Check out Sarah Myers HERE>

—Q. After reading your bio I noticed you mention that it is your hope to create a sense of beauty that which is within your soul. Do you feel that your current and past works reflect your mission statement to this day?
A. Yeah I do. I feel that way because I put what i feel and think into my work. I also put my devotion into it which creates a strong body and substantial evidence of what I feel.
—Q. So what’s this I hear you lived in Italy for bit. How did that come about?
A. We’ll I was gonna go to France but my dad suggested I go to France, so i went to Florence where I met and fell In love with someone during my time at a school program. When the program was over I just happened to live there and do my art.
—Q. I know with your last exhibit “Images of Light” It was a huge success, what can we expect from your next exhibit this summer?
A. It will be more refined, especially with colors. I think over time you just develop a sensitivity to what you are doing, an awareness if you will. Also you can expect much more diversity.